Why Do You Need Custom-made Plastic Boxes?

Custom-made plastic boxes, as the name suggests, is custom made according to your specific requirements, which have their unique features in term of shapes, sizes, colors and any other relevant elements. These traits may include the company’s logo and description of custom packaging. Most brands prefer custom mailer boxes with logo. Other than that, the styling and layout designed by a professional builder are the most important factors. Custom packaging is the opposite of general packaging. The general packaging includes simple boxing or other packaging products which has no concept of branding. Non-branding is the characteristic of general or standard packaging in which the company does not use a logo or its other specific details. While branding is related to custom packaging.

When it comes products retail packaging, seldom is there a standard packaging. Especially in an era when competitions in markets become so tough. So when you go shopping, you’ll easily notice that almost everything on the shelves carries a custom packaging, not merely the printing and brand name, but the packaging shapes. Take drinking water as an example, aside from the printing styles which are no doubt different among brands, you’ll notice that almost all water brands have their own unique bottle shapes. So even without having to read the prints, you can discern your favorite water brands quickly just by their bottle shapes.

A custom-made plastic box entails custom plastic injection molds. Upon finishing your design, you need to schedule the molds building. This process is quite laggard – usually it takes up to 50 days to get the proof sample approved. Not to mention the design and artwork drafting time. And it’s a little expensive, too. Therefore, you must have a project which involves a large quantity in need or is forecasted to have high demand in future. If you’re talking about a small quantity or trial order, there’s no need to use rigid plastic boxes. Instead, you can resort to PVC plastic folding boxes or kraft gift boxes, which is much cheaper and can possibly be customized even in small lot. There are also a lot good choices available in the market that you turn to!

Why you need Custom Plastic Gift Boxes
Custom plastic boxes can allow you realize whatever complex shapes and designs which is not possible with cardboard gift boxes. Even if some odd-shaped cardboard boxes are possible, some delicate parts are not easy to achieve. For example, although some simple relief patterns (embossing) can be put in cardboard gift boxes, either the raised effect is not obvious or hard to stay in shape over time. However, plastic boxes can perfectly have any delicate shapes or corners and they are durable.
Of course, custom-made plastic boxes is not merely about shapes and sizes, you may also personalize them in terms of color and printing and other accessories. All such things will create greater possibility for your creative needs. You can choose super clear or opaque, and select a tone exactly by the Pantone code to meet your specific needs. Nowadays there are many finish techniques that can be well used in plastics.
But of course, we need custom made plastic boxes not merely for branding purpose. There are many other occasions where we need create our own custom plastic boxes, for example, well-fitting packaging case for the product, etc.

Custom packaging is now used by every brand due to its various outcomes. It uses a branded feature in which smart watch boxes with logos are custom printed. You can make a good logo by making it more visible and by adding brief details without blocking the inside content. Make it as unique as possible so that it can effectively reach the sight of the customers.

How to Make Custom Plastic Boxes?
To make custom plastic gift boxes, you need first determine which material to use. For example, consider which features come of top priority for you. Thus, use PS to be crystal clear, ABS for hard and durable boxes, and PP for reusable food-contacting or microwaving boxes, etc. Then you need to make mechanical design which is crucial, as it involves creating unique shapes, sizes and functioning, etc. You can either design it on your own or outsource the job but definitely you should not haste or slight it over. Design your packaging in such a way that it competitively addresses your message to the audience. During this stage, you can take your time selecting the most adequate supplier (or you can even let your plastic injection molding manufacturer do the design as well). After the design artwork is ready, you can begin another lengthy process, mold building. If the proof samples are accepted, then go to mass production…

Get a Professional Custom Plastic Box Supplier

Building custom plastic gift boxes wholesale can really take quite a long time span for the first time. Besides, the plastic molds is vital for future quality control and it’s expensive! Therefore, choosing a professional supplier will save you a lot of trouble and it’s a guarantee of receiving your desired custom boxes on time. This can be something tricky. Don’t get into a rush and refrain from giving orders to the manufacturer who is not professional. An incompetent manufacturer can bring you multiple negative consequences. Always do research before making any big decision, especially when it is related to your brand’s reputation. Go and search on google; you will find various resources through which you can get your packaging work done. Tour around the factory personally before making the final decision! .

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